Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art

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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art

Info – Short about Us

Beauty Salon Marianna has been granting people smiles for 16 years. We provide you with the newest technologies in the beauty industry done by our knowledgeable staff in a cozy atmosphere. Our team is always ready to help you bring the appearance of your dreams to life!

Appearance is a business card, and the desire to look perfect is an essential need of every woman. Marianna is the place where you can escape from everyday worries, relax and devote some time to yourself. Beautiful healthy hair, manicured hands, smooth skin are the must-haves to feel confident and be successful.

The desire to emphasize the individuality of the client is the basic principle of our masters. We do not just create new vibrant images, we create style.

Understanding the needs of a customer and his wishes and the ability to reach out to each guest is what makes Marianna your favorite salon. If not only the result is important to you, but also the mental harmony during the process – come to improve your looks with us. You like to take care of yourself, and we love to take care of you.

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